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Intrigue In Covent Garden - [Thomas Chaloner 13] By Susanna Gregory (Author), Gordon Griffin (Narrator)
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Overview: By January 1666, the plague has almost disappeared from London, leaving its surviving population diminished and in poverty. The resentment against those who had fled to the country turns to outrage as the court and its followers return, their licentiousness undiminished.
The death of a well-connected physician, the mysterious sinking of a man-of-war in the Thames and the disappearance of a popular courtier are causing concern to Thomas Chaloner's employer. When instructed to investigate them all, he is irritated that he is prevented from gaining intelligence on the military preparations of the Dutch. Then he discovers common threads in all the cases, which seem linked to those planning to set a match to the powder keg of rebellion in the city.
Battling a ferocious winter storm that causes serious damage to London's fabric, Chaloner is in a race against time to prevent the weakened city from utter destruction.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction > Historical Fiction, Mystery


Book Name:..........Intrigue In Covent Garden
Book Series:..........Thomas Chaloner
Book Series #:.......13
Book Author:.........Susanna Gregory
Book Narrator:.......Gordon Griffin
Book Abridged:......No
Book Genre:...........Historical Fiction, Mystery
Book Publisher:.....Little, Brown Book Group
Book Audio Year:...02 August 2018

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Book File Nos:......20 Chaptered Files
Book Length:........13 Hours 30 Minutes
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SUSANNA GREGORY was a police officer in Leeds before taking up an academic career. She has served as an environmental consultant, doing fieldwork with whales, seals and walruses during seventeen field seasons in the polar regions, and has taught comparative anatomy and biological anthropology.
She is the creator of the Thomas Chaloner series of mysteries set in Restoration London as well as the Matthew Bartholomew series of mysteries set in medieval Cambridge, and now lives in Wales with her husband, who is also a writer.

GORDON GRIFFIN has be an actor for over 40 years and performed in everything from Shakespeare to rock musicals but what impresses people most is the fact that he is one of the people telling you to "Mind the Gap" on London Underground! After graduating from the Rose Bruford College, Gordon worked extensively in theatre (Shakespeare to rock musicals) television (including three seasons of Byker Grove) and film. But he is best known for his audio book recordings. He has recorded over 500 ranging from Gogol to Chris Ryan, from Thackeray to Catherine Cookson.

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