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Jun 29th, 2021, 2:42 pm
Cade Korbin Chronicles, Books 1-2 by Jasper T. Scott
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 1gb
Overview: From an outlaw to a bounty hunter, to vigilante: Revenge is just the beginning.

Cade Korbin became a bounty hunter because he knew what it was like to be hunted. What he didn’t know was who he’d end up hunting. When it suited the Coalition, Cade was a Paladin, a member of their elite special forces. He did their dirty work and cleaned up their messes. Until his dark ops went public, and Cade was drummed out of the service with a dishonorable discharge. As if he’d ever been doing anything but following orders.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction


BOOK 1: The Bounty Hunter

Forced to the fringes of society by his service record, Cade broke the law just to survive. Then the Enforcers caught him, and he served his time. Sick of the hypocrisy in the supposedly Utopian Coalition, he crossed over to the other side and made a life among his former enemies in the Free Systems Alliance. Now, he hunts the galaxy’s worst lowlifes, for a fee, and the only orders he takes are his own. But when his past catches up with him, Cade is forced to fight for more than just credits…this time, he’s in it for revenge.

BOOK 2: Alien Artifacts

A deadly mission to an uncharted world riddled with ancient secrets.
On his last job, Cade Korbin lost his ship, lost his credits, and barely escaped with his life. But it’s not over. His enemy is still out there, nursing a decades-old vendetta, and now his guild is coming after him for breaking their rules.
Cade desperately needs credits and somewhere to lie low for a while. To that end, he takes a job on an uncharted world, code-named Nexus, to rescue a team of missing researchers and to recover the alien artifacts that they went searching for. But Nexus proves to be far deadlier than even its class-five hazard rating would suggest, and Cade realizes that he’ll be lucky to escape with his life, let alone accomplish the mission. Yet unknown to Cade, there is a danger on Nexus that goes far beyond the alien monsters that prowl its surface: A terrifying menace has been waiting for untold eons to emerge.
And Cade Korbin is just about to wake it up.

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