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Jul 11th, 2018, 7:13 am
People have twice requested John Ringo's "Saints" as an ebook. The first time was when it had just been released as an eARC, and apparently the mods were told that eARCs aren't allowed, so they deleted the topic, then were told that eARCs are ok, and maybe it was restored and deleted again, or maybe not, not sure.

The second time was last week, the retail release is out, and outta nowhere the request was nuked again. Here's the link to where it used to be:

Someone in the thread had said "eARC is ok too", and a mod edited the request to state that "eARCs aren't allowed", so maybe that's why it was deleted. Or maybe not. I don't know. Can't see it any more, going by memory here. I don't think it could have timed out since the book was just released on July 3rd, and the request topic was posted after that, not even a week old.

The thing is, eARCs have been made available here fairly regularly, AFAIK there's never been a problem with them in the past. A bunch of the stuff I've read from here has been those. Is this a new policy? Why not just note that eARCs aren't allowed and let the topic remain? If it's an error, could this be communicated to those who are deleting topics over this?

(Aside: the audio book has been released here, not the ebook. My Pi-tablet doesn't do audio, so I'm looking for an epub/mobi/html.)

merry60 wrote:As far as I know, the ARC was requested, which is not allowed. But the request was not removed until this comment was posted: "Well, since the mods are being boring, feel free to PM me for link. I've sent to everybody here so far."

I personally asked the mods to remove the topic.
Jul 11th, 2018, 7:13 am