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Sep 16th, 2014, 12:56 pm
Subject: Welcome to the Contests Forum!

Welcome to the Contests Forum!

To help you get started we've listed some of our contests here, with a brief description.
Before posting in any contest, please read the rules - normally you can find them in the first post in each thread. Respect the hosts and the other players!
No matter where you post, you might just win a bonus prize. :)
Most important, though, remember they're just games and have fun!


Simple contests
    Daily Coins Throw - Guess the outcome of three coin tosses. Once a day.
    Daily Dice - Guess the outcome of a dice roll.
    Daily Posting Guess - Guess the number of new posts on the site in one day. Once a day.
    Gimme The Hunny - Post you're in during 20 mins from start post to get a chance of winning some of bears Hunny
    Less or More - Guess if the random number generated be less or more than it was the previous day
    A Piece of the Cheese - Post a picture of a mouse (that hasn't been used yet this round) to get your share of the WRZ$ prize
    Today is My Lucky Day! - Post within 30 minutes of the contest starting for a chance to win a prize.
    Whose Round Is It? - Your chance to buy your fellow members a drink. One player per round gets randomly selected to contribute to the cost of the round.

Picture contests

Betting contests
Speed/Timing contests - non-team games
    18 or Over - Win or lose depending on a die roll. Runs at random times but only for 5 minutes.
    Chain Gang - Add your user name to the chain by posting in (sometimes reverse) alphabetical order, where more players means a bigger prize.
    Chain Gang MAD DASH! - A faster-paced version of Chain Gang with potentially bigger prizes.
    Need for Speed - Be the first poster at the start of each hour (by the Mobilism clock)
    Rush Hour - Word or Pic- Post the given word or post an image depicting it within the hour

Speed/Timing contests - team games
    Rush Hour - Post within one hour of when the contest starts. If you can get enough people to post to reach the target you all win.

Guessing contests
    Behind Closed Doors - Guess correctly which door the cash is behind to win the reward.
    Book Match - Try to match the chosen book from limited information given.
    Cat or Mouse - Guess "cat" or "mouse" within 30 minutes of the starting post.
    Fire & Ice - Guess "fire" or "ice" within 30 minutes of the starting post
    High or Low - Guess if the random card selected at the end of the round will be Higher or Lower than the card at the start.
    Lucky Charms - Guess which charms will be generated each round and try to complete your collection
    Match Mania - Post two square numbers behind which you think there might be a matching image
    Name that Movie! - Guess the movie from a single still image
    Red or Black - Guess whether a roulette spin will come up red or black; if you play the first spin you're in until you're wrong.
    Rock-Paper-Scissors - Post the name of the weapon you think will beat the hosts throw.
    Splat the Cat - Post the square you're aiming your virtual paintball at and win if the cats hiding behind it
    Truth or Lie? - Guess whether something about a forum participant is true or false
    Turning Cards - Guess which 3 cards will be randomly selected from a suit of cards.
    What am I? - Guess what the host is with the help of yes/no questions (like "20 Questions"). Prizes for guessing and for the host (normally the person who guessed the previous answer)
    What do you see in this picture? - Guess what words came to the hosts mind while looking at the posted picture.
    What is my occupation? - Guess the host's job (similar to What am I?)
    Where am I? - Guess where the host is (similar to What am I?)
    Who am I? - Guess who the host is (similar to What am I?)

    Riddles (separate thread for each riddle, no link) - Think you can figure out what riddle host sherlockx or one of his guest hosts means?

Theme contests

Word, Number and board game style contests
    Absent Alphabet - Post a letter from the alphabet and the number of the box you think it goes in
    Championship Shuggleboard - Players move discs into a random scoring area
    Colorful Quizzes - Answer color themed questions.
    Connect 4 - Get 4 squares in a row on your own board, like in Bingo. To play a game, you have to subscribe in round 1.
    Going Bananas - A puzzle where you find all the hidden bananas
    Ice & Nonny's Wine and Cheese Party - The first 10 players to move past 25 spaces across the board will win.
    LexiKo - Create words and place them on a board to make points
    Super LexiKo - Team version of the above
    Mobi Bingo - Subscribe to play and mark your allocated card when numbers are generated - lowest amount of numbers used wins each of 4 different games
    NumberZ NumberZ NumberZ - A combination of puzzles revolving around numbers
    Twisted Connect 4 - Teams of 4 try to make lines of 4 crossing over each others boards
    Wacky Word Fill - Post a position on the board where you think one of the words provided will go.
    Word Jumble - Rearrange the letters to find the word
    Word Scramble - Make a word out of the random letters
    Word Search - Find a word in the letter grid.
    Wordoku - Word puzzle according to Sudoku rules
    Zippy Cross - Fill in the puzzle with the clues provided

Other contests
    30 Minute What are You...? - Post a picture that answers the question within 30 minutes of the contest starting.
    Holiday Quizzes - Theme based quiz questions
    Roll A..... - Collect parts each round to make up a complete version the specified image
    Scavenger Hunt (No link - new thread for each game) - Subscribe first. First team to complete the scavenger hunt wins
    Sports Centre - Sports discussion and random sports guessing/betting contests


Good luck! :)

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