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Zorro is a fictional character created in 1919 by New York-based pulp writer Johnston McCulley. The character has been featured in numerous books, films, television series, and other media.

Zorro (Spanish for "Fox") is the secret identity of Don Diego de la Vega, a nobleman and master living in the Spanish colonial era of California. The character has undergone changes through the years, but the typical image of him is a dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defends the people of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains. Not only is he much too cunning and foxlike for the bumbling authorities to catch, but he delights in publicly humiliating those same foes.

    Zorro has appeared in many different comic book series over the decades. One version was rendered by Alex Toth for Dell Comics in Four Color magazine starting in 1949 and appearing through the 1950s. Zorro was given his own title in 1959, which lasted 7 more issues and then was made a regular feature of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (also published by Dell) from #275 to #278. Gold Key Comics began a Zorro series in 1966, but, like their contemporaneous Lone Ranger series, it featured only material reprinted from the earlier Dell comics, and folded after 9 issues, in 1968. The character remained dormant for the next twenty years until it was revived by Marvel Comics in 1990, for a 12-issue tie-in with the Duncan Regehr television series Zorro. Many of these comics had Alex Toth covers.

    Over the years, various English reprint volumes have been published. This include but are not limited to:

    • Zorro In Old California Eclipse Books ISBN 978-0-913035-12-2
    • Zorro The Complete Classic Adventures By Alex Toth. Volume One Image Comics 1998. ISBN 978-1-58240-014-3
    • Zorro The Dailies - The First Year By Don McGregor, Thomas Yeates. Image Comics 2001. ISBN 1582402396

    In 1993 Topps Comics published a 2-issue mini-series Dracula Versus Zorro followed by a Zorro series that ran 11 issues. Topps created Lady Rawhide, a spin-off from the Zorro stories, in two brief series. All of this was written by Don McGregor. He subsequently scripted a miniseries adaptation of The Mask of Zorro film for Dark Horse Comics.

    A newspaper daily and Sunday strip were also published in the late 1990s. This was written by McGregor and rendered by Tom Yeates. Papercutz once published a Zorro series and graphic novels as well. This version is drawn in a manga style.

    Dynamite Entertainment relaunched the character in 2008 with writer Matt Wagner first adapting Isabel Allende's novel before writing his own stories. The publisher also released an earlier unpublished tale called "Matanzas" by Don McGregor and artist Mike Mayhew.

    The character also appeared in European comics and is universally beloved in Latin America, usually in licensed, translated reprints of American comics. In the Netherlands, Zorro was drawn by Hans G. Kresse for the weekly Pep.

    Also Released on this site:

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Army of Darkness comics are based on the film of the same name published originally by Dark Horse Comics Image with the license being picked up by Dynamite Entertainment Image who initially published them through Devils Due Publishing Image .

The stories follow the adventures of the Evil Dead series, Ash Williams Image , and has included a number of crossovers Image .

First series

    Film adaptation (#1-3) ---> Released here
    In 1992, Dark Horse published an adaptation of the film with the original ending intact, written by Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi, with art by John Bolton.
    It was published as a 3-issue mini-series and was released as a trade paperback by Dynamite in 2006 (ISBN 0-9749638-3-6).

    Ashes 2 Ashes (#1-4) ---> Released here
    A four-issue comic book limited series published by Devil's Due Publishing & Dynamite Entertainment (later republished in a trade paperback) that serves as a follow-up to the events of Army of Darkness. The story also sees the return of Ash's possessed severed hand and the Evil Ash.
    The plot picks up right at the end of the film. It was written by Andy Hartnell, with art by Nick Bradshaw.
    It was a 4-issue mini-series, collected as a trade paperback which was released in late February 2005 (ISBN 0-9749638-9-5).

    Shop till You Drop Dead (#1-4) ---> Released here
    A four-part comic book spin-off published by Devils Due Publishing & Dynamite Entertainment, continuing the comic book saga of The Evil Dead series. The story takes place exactly where its predecessor Ashes 2 Ashes finishes, only there is quite a bit of time hopping involved to keep things confusing.
    It was written by James Kuhoric, with art by Nick Bradshaw and Sanford Greene.
    It was a 4-issue mini-series, collected as a trade paperback which was released in November 2006 (ISBN 1-933305-26-6).

    Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator (vol. 1) #1-4 ---> Released here
      A crossover with Herbert West from H. P. Lovecraft's short story, "Herbert West–Reanimator" and well-known from the film Re-Animator and its sequels.
      This story starts where Shop Till You Drop Dead ends.
      This was published as issue #1-4 of the ongoing Army of Darkness series. The trade was released in late October 2006 (ISBN 1-933305-13-4).

    Old School (vol. 1) #5-7 ---> Released here
      Ash returns to the cabin in the woods in an attempt to stop the evil at its source.
      This was published as issue #5-7 of the series. It was published in September 2006 (ISBN 1-933305-18-5).

    Ash vs. Dracula (Ash vs the Classic Monsters) (vol. 1) #8-11 ---> Released here
      Ash must face Dracula, who wants to use the power of the Necronomicon to plunge the world in eternal night. Introduces Dynamite's new character: Eva

    Daughter of the Dragon.
      This was originally published in the series #8-11. The trade paperback collects the Ash vs. Dracula series and The Death of Ash.

    The Death of Ash (vol. 1) #12-13 ---> Released here
      The story starts where Ash vs. Dracula ends and leads up to Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness.
      It was published as issues #12-13 of the ongoing series.

Second series

    From The Ashes (vol. 2) #1-4 ---> Released here
      Ash vs. Evil Ash Prime and his many mutants and monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. #1 August 2007. It was a four issue story arc.

    The Long Road Home (vol. 2) #5-8 ---> Released here
      A four issue story arc that will follow the aftermath of Ash defeating Evil Ash Prime and his quest (with Sheila by his side) to repair the damage done to the world.

    Home Sweet Hell (vol. 2) #9-12 ---> Released here
      A four issue story-arc taking place after "The Long Road Home" written by James Kuhoric and Mike Raicht featuring Ash, having lost his memories and status as the "Chosen One", battling demons.

    King For A Day (vol .2) #13 ---> Released here

    Hellbillies and Deadnecks (vol. 2) #14-17 ---> Released here

    Montezuma's Revenge (vol. 2) #18 ---> Released here
      Ash is against his will, transported through the power of the Necronomicon; down to Mexio where hes forced to stop a revived, ancient god.

    Untitled Storyline (Georgia) #19
    ---> Released here
      A special self contained story from writer Mike Raicht, joined here by artist Pablo Marcos. Ash finds love with a woman named Georgia, only to find shes a murderous succubus and that there may be other chosen ones. Ash leaves her and prevents a deadite outbreak.

    Ashley J Williams Goes to Europe #20-21 ---> Released here
      In Europe Ash meets a werewolf named Brad, a protector and learns that there are a line of protectors, who protect the areas of the world. He also finds that many of the chosen ones before him have been taken over by Hell's Prophet, and have been the cause of many disasters through out history. The only thing that has stopped Hell's Prophet is the League of Light. Ash and Brad set out to stop it before Hell's Prophet takes him over.

    Ash and the League of Light #22-27
    ---> Released here
      Ash travels to different continents of the world recruiting other protectors to help him defeat Hell's Prophet, which has possessed him. Unbeknownst to him, the very people he is gathering may end up being his undoing, as it is foretold the protectors must kill him.

      Ash dies, his new League of Light fails to stop Hell's Prophet from taking over causing the world to go to hell. Five years later, a time machine is made by the last surviving members of the League of Light, as they go back in time and stop Hell's Prophet from taking over Ash. The ghost of future Ash warns his past self in a note on what to do, and he saves the world; causing everything to snap back to normal.

Other comics

    Tales of Army of Darkness ---> Released here
      A 48 page annual issue including 5 new stories by various writers and artists.

    Army of Darkness Sketchbook ---> Released here
      A jumbo sized sketchbook published by Devils Due Publishing.

    The Evil Dead (#1-4) ---> Released here
      Starting in January 2008, Dark Horse Comics has released a four-issue comic book mini-series based on The Evil Dead, which is written by Mark Verheiden, with art by John Bolton. As it is not published by Dynamite Entertainment, this series is most likely a separate continuity than the other Army of Darkness books.

    Ash's Christmas Horror (one-shot)
    ---> Released here
      A 2008 Christmas special. Ash tries to stop Evil Ash and a Deadite Santa from destroying Christmas.


    Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator (#1-4) ---> Released here
      Although this was a crossover, it served in the mainstream continuity of the series and shall be credited as part of the actual series.

    Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness (#1-5) ---> Released here
      A five-issue mini-series crossover with Marvel Comics set in the Marvel Zombies universe, also doubling as an origin story for that universe alongside the interlinked prequel Marvel Zombies: Dead Days. Due to this event Marvel Comics has designated this Earth-818793 of the Multiverse (Marvel Comics)

    Darkman vs. Army of Darkness (#1-4)
      A crossover with another Sam Raimi film character, Darkman. It was written by Roger Stern and Kurt Busiek, with art by James Fry. It ran for four issues from August 2006 to March 2007 and the trade paperback released in late 2007.

    Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (#1-6)
      The film sequel to Freddy vs. Jason was never made, but Wildstorm Comics and Dynamite announced that they'd be presenting the story in comic form as the six-issue mini-series Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.

    Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors (#1-6)
      James Kuhoric and Jason Craig returning to write and illustrate, respectively. The story picks up where the last left off, and it will feature cameos of known characters from the previous Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street films.

    Army of Darkness/Xena: Why Not? (#1-4)
      A four issue mini-series in which Ash travels to Xena's dimension in order to stop a mini version of himself from destroying that world.

    Army of Darkness/Xena: What, Again? (#1-4) ---> Released here
      A crossover with Xena: Warrior Princess written by John Layman and Miguel Montenegro.

    Army of Darkness: Ash saves Obama (#1-4) ---> Released here
      According to writer Elliott Serrano, it is not just a commentary on the many Barack Obama comic books but also "all the other trends that have occurred in comics over the decades."

Collected editions

    The various stories and limited series have been collected into trade paperbacks.

    Dynamite are also collecting all the comics into larger omnibus editions:
      Omnibus Volume 1 (collects first 18 issues including film adaptation, 300 pages, released in 2010, ISBN 1-60690-100-1)

See also
    Danger Girl And The Army Of Darkness by Andy Hartnell ---> Released here
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(From Wikipedia)

Dead@17 is a series formerly published by Viper Comics. The latest mini-series is being published by Image Comics. It was created by Josh Howard and focuses on a girl, Nara Kilday, who is killed and then reborn to fight demons.

James R. Booth wrote:
" Dead@17 is a must-read for anyone, young or old, hip or square, who likes to be intrigued, shocked and, most importantly, entertained. "

I thought Dead@17 was going to be a fun, Buffy-esque horror adventure yarn filled with zombie massacres and high school romance. Boy, was I wrong. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure, the first "series" was kinda like that, aside from the big shock (which I won't reveal, though you could probably figure it out by the title) that comes in the first five pages. By the time I finished the second series, I couldn't believe what I was reading. And I couldn't stop.

Josh Howard fills his tale of supernatural rebirth and unavoidable destiny with realistic, truthful characters, all of whom you can't help but love--even in an oddly personal way. Sure, the girls are easy on the eyes and there is a fair amount of bloodshed throughout. But what Howard has crafted is a deep, religious saga of love and sacrifice. It's a bit heady, and right now I'm waiting for my daughter to read it so I can get a good guage on how a teenage girl perceives the biblical subtext present in a story aimed, presumably, at teenagers. (Subtext, pft! This is a story that could have come right out of the old testament, updated for the cell phone age)

I'm a thirty-year-old comic reader (and avid novel reader, don't forget) who loves good stories. I've given up on getting such quality from the dregs of Hollywood and I've found that the best original visual storytelling being done today is in comics. Josh Howard is one of the true visionaries of this age. Dead@17 is a must-read for anyone, young or old, hip or square, who likes to be intrigued, shocked and, most importantly, entertained.

Review source here

Dead @ 17 Read Order

  • Written and Drawn by Josh Howar
  • Released (here)
  • Story:
      Nara Kilday is killed, and finds herself mysteriously revived. She discovers she has to prevent the coming of Bolabogg, a demonic lord. This series also introduces Hazy Foss, her best friend, and Elijah, a friend of the two girls who Nara has a crush on. The mysterious Noel appears, who helps the three fight hordes of undead and other monstrosities. Nara banishes Bolabogg back to his realm.

Dead@17: Blood of Saints
  • Written and Drawn by Josh Howard
  • Released (here)
  • Story:
      Taking place shortly after the original series, Blood of Saints opens with the suicide of Violet Grey, who is driven to kill herself by Bolabogg. Nara discovers Hazy and Elijah are dating without telling her, and she leaves town with Noel. When the police inspect Violet's home, they discover she was drawing odd symbols much like Nara. When Violet revives, she aligns herself with Bolabogg, and kidnaps Hazy. A psychic link alerts Nara, who is teleported back to the city by Winston, a friend of Noel's who is also an angelic being. Violet escapes, impregnated with a young Bolabogg, and Nara, Hazy, and Elijah ally themselves with Noel, who has a connection with Nara.

Dead@17: Rough Cut
  • Written by Various writers and artists.
  • Released (here)
  • Story:
      Rough Cut is a series of Dead@17 tales with background information on supporting characters.

  • Written and art by Josh Blaylock & Josh Howard (.CBR)
  • Released (here)
  • Story:
      This one-shot crossover teams the star of Devil’s Due Publishing’s Misplaced, Alyssa of Realm 77, with the star of Viper Comics Dead@17 titles, Nara Kilday. Alyssa is alien, Nara is a “Resurrected.”

Dead@17: Revolution
  • Written and Drawn by Josh Howard
  • Released (here)
  • Story:
      Violet is found, catatonic and no longer with child. Bolabogg, in a human body, has matured into an adult who is a Senator running to be the next President of the United States. He is seemingly assassinated, but heals a short time later. The assassins, Heaven's Militia, led by Joan, locate Nara, who is back with a pregnant Hazy. Joan tells Nara some of her history as a reborn, and her own rebirth occurred when she was burned at the stake, as Joan of Arc. Kidnapped by Bolabogg, one of his henchmen reveals he is Nara's father, and had an affair with Noel's wife so she could give birth to a being suitable for Bolabogg's return. In a fight with the reborn Bolabogg, Nara transforms into a being of light, and banishes him. In the battle, Hazy was killed, but Nara uses her powers to regenerate her, and part of the costs seems to be the cost of her life.

Dead@17: Protectorate
  • Written by Alex Hamby, Art by Benjamin Hall, Colors by Marlena Hall
  • Released (here)
  • Story:
      Dead@17: Protectorate is a prequel to the Dead@17. Protectorate deals with the first adventure of Jake Sullivan and Abraham Pitch as they encounter the evil of Bolabogg for the first time.
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Star Wars: Clone Wars is a 9 volume series of trade paperbacks published by Dark Horse Comics between 2003 and 2006 that collect various comics dealing with the Clone Wars. The story describes the events during the Clone Wars, set between the events of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Important characters include are Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Count Dooku, the Clone Troopers, Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos, the last one which has not been featured in any of the Star Wars films.

    • Clone Wars Volume 1: The Defense of Kamino - Release - Review
    • Clone Wars Volume 2: Victories and Sacrifices - Release - Review
    • Clone Wars Volume 3: Last Stand on Jabiim - Release - Review
    • Clone Wars Volume 4: Light and Dark - Release - Review
    • Clone Wars Volume 5: The Best Blades - Release - Review
    • Clone Wars Volume 6: On The Fields of Battle - Release - Review
    • Clone Wars Volume 7: When They Were Brothers
    • Clone Wars Volume 8: Last Siege, The Final Truth
    • Clone Wars Volume 9: Endgame

All released by Image

More Star Wars comics here: Zach's List of Star Wars comics.

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Before Watchmen


Before Watchmen is a series of comic books due to be published by DC Comics in 2012. Acting as a prequel to the 1986 12-issue Watchmen limited series Image by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons, the project will consist of eight limited series and an epilogue one-shot. With a little patience, we shall see them all released on this site...

  • Before Watchmen: Minutemen (6 issues) – Writer/Artist: Darwyn Cooke (Released here)
  • Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre (4 issues) – Writers: Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner. Artist: Amanda Conner (Released here)
  • Before Watchmen: Comedian (6 issues) – Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist: J. G. Jones (Released here)
  • Before Watchmen: Nite Owl (4 issues) – Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artists: Andy and Joe Kubert (Released here)
  • Before Watchmen: Ozymandias (6 issues) – Writer: Len Wein. Artist: Jae Lee (Released here)
  • Before Watchmen: Rorschach (4 issues) – Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist: Lee Bermejo (Released here)
  • Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan (4 issues) – Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artist: Adam Hughes (Released here)
  • Before Watchmen: Epilogue (One-Shot) - Writers: Various. Artists: Various
  • Before Watchmen: Moloch (2 issues) - Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artist: Eduardo Risso (Released here)

Who are the WATCHMEN?
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Grandville series by Bryan Talbot

    Grandville is a British graphic novel series written and drawn by Bryan Talbot. It is a mixture of the steampunk, alternative history and thriller genres. It is set in a world in which France won the Napoleonic Wars and invaded Britain, and in which the world is populated mostly by anthropomorphic animals. The main character is Detective Inspector Archibald "Archie" LeBrock of Scotland Yard, a British anthropomorphic badger.

    The plot of the first book, entitled Grandville and published on 15 October 2009, sees LeBrock investigating a murder which leads him to visit "Grandville" (Paris) in order to solve the crime, which itself leads him to uncover a political conspiracy. In the second volume, Grandville Mon Amour, was published on 2 December 2010, LeBrock attempts to track down an escaped serial killer that he previously brought to justice. Grandville Bête Noire was published in 2012. A further two volumes are planned; the fourth will be titled Grandville: Nöel.

Image Image Image

Released on mobilism:

    Bryan Talbot’s last graphic novel (if it should be called that) was the phenomenal Alice in Sunderland Image , a multi-layered exploration of the history of Sunderland and the lives of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell, the model for Alice in Wonderland. Grandville is a complete change of pace, an action-adventure comic featuring talking animals, set in an alternate history where France won the Napoleonic Wars. There is a reason for this – Talbot is paying homage to JJ Grandville, a French illustrator who drew anthropomorphic animals representing French society figures in the 19th Century, when this book is set. When an otter (Raymond Leigh-Otter by name – groan if you want) is killed in the sleepy village of Nutwood, (get the reference?) it’s investigated by our hero, Detective Inspector LeBrock, a brawling working class badger, and his upper class sidekick, Detective Ratzi. Yes, he’s a rat. And a rattling good yarn follows as the investigation uncovers dark secrets being kept by the fascist French Government, led by a rabbit called Jean-Marie Lapin (Geddit?). Corny puns abound, but this is a stunningly well drawn book with a compelling mystery, and a great detective team at it’s heart. Great stuff. [Ryan Agee]

Thank you, Zacharie. ;)
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Axe Cop is a webcomic by brothers Malachai Nicolle (age 5 when the series began, now age 8 ) and Ethan Nicolle (age 29 when the series began). Malachai is responsible for the ideas and stories, while Ethan turns them into comics. The first four comics were drawn in December 2009 and posted to Facebook; the website was not launched until January 2010. The site also features Ask Axe Cop, a series of comics where Axe Cop responds to questions from readers.

The webcomic has been highly praised, leading to a publishing deal with Dark Horse Comics for both a limited online and print run.


Axe Cop is about the adventures of a police officer who prefers to wield an axe in battle. He's a gruff, tough man dedicated to killing bad guys. The comic focuses on the times he's called away from the daily grind to help with more complex problems, such as rescuing a child from a zombie dog woman, helping Bat Warthog Man find his friends, or babysitting. This generally involves fighting bad guys from other planets. Axe Cop has gathered a loyal team. His first ally is Flute Cop, who goes on to become Dinosaur Soldier and various other things.

Axe Cop is nominally set in the present day, enlivened with dinosaurs, zombies, robots, etc., and with a propensity to feature whatever topic happens to be holding the writer's attention, such as sea creatures, brains, and especially babies. Little effort is made to keep track of backstories, powers, and equipment. This is not to say that the comic is entirely chaotic: the main characters and their relationships stay consistent, there are persistent world-building elements (most notably the shape-shifting properties of being splattered with blood), and a number of powers and items recur (e.g. the hypnotize button on Axe Cop's wrist has not been mentioned again, but the robot arms in his mustache are explained.)

Axe Cop series released on this site:

Thank you, Zacharie. ;)
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