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Happy Endings Book Club series by Kylie Gilmore (#2, 7-9)
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Overview: Kylie Gilmore is the USA Today bestselling author of the Happy Endings Book Club series, the Clover Park series and the Clover Park STUDS series. She writes quirky, tender romance with a solid dose of humor.
Genre: Romance

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Inviting Trouble (#2): A best friend's little sister romance...
Madison Campbell has worshipped her older brother’s best friend Parker Shaw for as long as she can remember. So the night before he leaves for the Air Force, she decides he’s leaving town with her virginity. All she has to do is transform her tomboy self into a sexy woman with a bit of borrowed makeup and some creative fashion choices. The results? One drunken kiss that Park doesn’t even remember.

Ten years later, no man has ever gotten close to her heart the way Park did. And now that he’s back, the very unfeminine Madison refuses to blow her second chance. But when her bold attempts to snag his attention (“Oops! Dropped my towel.”) fail miserably, she does something completely insane—she caves to a makeover from the meddling matchmaker in charge of The Happy Endings Book Club. Hey, Park, you want some of this? Madison is about to find out.

Resisting Fate (#7): Is fate playing matchmaker? Missy Higgins wasn’t looking for a man yet everywhere she turns sexy Ben Wright pops up. A harmless flirtation, nothing more, until Ben wanders into the Christmas craft bazaar just as her horrible ex appears. It’s Ben to the rescue as her fake boyfriend with a scorching kiss that leaves her breathless and weak in the knees. Mind. Blown. Though she insists it’s a one-time thing. But when Ben shows up just as she’s getting fired and offers her a holiday job she desperately needs, she has to wonder if fate might be telling her something. Like screw professional boundaries, give in to uncontrollable lust, and let a man into her heart. How can she resist fate when Ben is irresistible?

Chance of Romance (#8): When relationship counselor Sabrina Clarke gets a wedding invitation from the jerk who left her a jilted bride, she writes a scathing article on commitment-phobes that catapults her practice into the spotlight. But the publicity leads to unwelcome attention from a competitor who slams Sabrina for being single. And, hello, stupid mistakes! Sabrina panics in the middle of an interview and claims she’s in a relationship with the friend she secretly lusts for — Logan Campbell.

Steamed is an understatement when Logan’s long-distance relationship is derailed the moment Sabrina announces they’re a couple on TV. Way to throw him under the bus! The pressure’s on as Logan heads to California to repair his shaky relationship and navigate investor meetings for his tech company.

Sabrina knows she’s got to undo the damage, but when she meets the rotten cheating apple of Logan’s eye, she knows there’s only one thing for her to do… make another stupid mistake.

Wicked Flirt (#9): When event planner Lexi Judson finds herself unemployed and desperate for work, she approaches the last man she’d ever want to do business with: smoking hot Marcus Shepard, bar owner and legendary player. But desperate times call for networking with panty-melting man candy. The good news? He says yes to hiring her for a fantastic event. The bad news? The job comes with some incredibly uncomfortable strings. Lexi thinks she can handle it, until Marcus changes the rules and asks for far more than she bargained for. The man is wicked, dangerous, unrelenting. The absolute worst. He wants to romance her.

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