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Jul 25th, 2018, 9:38 pm
Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems by Josceline Fenton (Volumes 1-4)
Requirements: CBR Reader, 115MB
Overview: What's To Love: The Steven Universe Cartoon Network animated series has given us a serious case of the feels over and over again, and our first Steven Universe comic series was met with enthusiasm from our fellow fans, so we had to head back to Beach City for more adventures! What It Is: Josceline Fenton (Hemlock) and Chrystin Garland (Adventure Time) help keep Beach City weird with this new four-issue miniseries.
Genre: Young Adult | Graphic Novels > Comics


Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1 - Steven takes the Gems out for a camping trip and tells them spooky stories around the camp fire. The Gems don't give him much of a reaction, but they do tell him a spooky story of their own about a monster who turns bad Gems into glass and shatters them. Pearl assures a terrified Steven that it's just a story, but suddenly people around Beach City start turning up frozen in glass...

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #2 - After Pearl’s story of the glass monster, Steven has started having nightmares that it is real. What will he do when the people of Beach City start turning to glass?

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #3 - When Amethyst and Steven show proof of the glass ghost to Pearl, she recalls that Rose was the one who first told her the story.

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #4 - Final issue! Steven and the Gems try to defend themselves against the Glass Ghost.

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Jul 25th, 2018, 9:38 pm

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