Keep yourself informed!
Aug 6th, 2011, 4:14 am

Each of the below Staff members have taken it upon themselves to promote anything Mobilism and/or Mobilism releases on their twitter accounts. I have linked each of their Twitter profiles below. Going forward, It would be nice if mods in their respective sections could point new members to the appropriate twitter contact below. (not a must, but anything to help garner new followers). A big thank you to the Staff below, as this takes up their own personal time.

Hook/\hzorr is an Android Mod who covers tablet & handset releases.
Tattle, an eBook Mod, has been covering all iOS releases, wether iPad/iPod/iPhone.
cewatt, a WebOS Mod, has been covering the latest WebOS releases.
stillriza, WP7 Mod, is covering the latest WP7 news as well as WP7 releases on mobilism.
Verdasco Blackberry Mod on Mobilism
Mr Fufu Site Admin on Mobilism
teto71 Our new Symbian Mod who will cover symbian releases on twitter
Yoshi iOS Mod on Mobilism
Mobilism_org The official Mobilism Market Android App twitter profile.
heartbreaker iOS Mod on Mobilism
XVI Site Admin on Mobilism

Note: Any Mobilism Staff member who wishes to have his/her twitter acct profiled here, please PM me.
Aug 6th, 2011, 4:14 am

Have a release in WP7 section? >> If I have to ask you more than 3 times to fix your release, it will be deleted!