Services provided by the Mobilism staff to make life easier for our members.
Aug 10th, 2007, 11:05 pm
These are the Services offered by Mobilism.

  • Signatures and Avatars
    This service is created to be a meeting place between those who would like to have a personal avatar and/or signature, and those who are willing (and gifted) to design them.
    Anyone is in need of a personal avatar or signature may post here his or her request(s). Designers/creators can reply and close a deal. You are free to donate the amount of WRZ$ you think the designs are worth to you.
    Designers themselves can post here their creations, so anyone interested may eventuall use them. Go ahead: ask ask ask... create create create!
  • .CAB File Requests:*
    Ever been in the situation when you don't have access to your PC and need to install an application/game on your PPC using a .cab file? In this case, if you need a .cab file, please request it in the .CAB file link request and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a .cab file that you will be able to download for your use.
    Also use that topic if you encounter a link that doesn't work anymore
  • Translation help:
    Is English not your native language and you have difficulties expressing yourself? Or your English is OK but you can't explain something to another user who doesn't understand English very well? Ask for help! Visit the translation assist page and contact someone of the team to help you. We can assist you in different languages, like: French - Dutch - Russian - Italian - German -Spanish - a couple of south indian languages besides the national language of INDIA HINDI - polish - Albanian,Macedonian,Serbo-Croation,Turkish -
  • Release testing:*
    A release test review can be made on request if you want your release checked for working devices and installation procedure confirmed working. If you released an application or game and want it tested, please request a release test review and we shall make a link to it in your release post. This Release testing service is free. We have a Release Testers group for this purpose. Contact one of the release test directors by PM to request your test.
    Your release will then be labeled "Quality touched by Mobilism' release testers." As a bonus you will have your linked installation file stored in a safe place so there will always be a re-upload available if yours fails for one or another reason.
  • Games solution service.:*
    Sure you all like to play games on your hand held. A lot of them are adventures or puzzle games. Hasn't it already happened to you to be stuck on a certain level - no matter how hard you tried - and you so much wanted to continue the story or to solve the next puzzle? It happened to me! I think - again - this is a service I could use myself from time to time... We provide game solutions on request...
  • Device dependant downloads...:*
    Sometimes a program or game released here isn't the correct version for your device, and you have to get it from the developer's page. Eventually you have to register and log on there to get it. If you have problems to log on and/or register to that site - or you just don't want to for any reason - we offer you this service to get that device dependant download for your.

PS 1:(*) These services are offered only for programs released on Mobilism.
PS 2: Candidate review testers go HERE.
PS 3: Click here to know more about donating WRZ$ for services

The services are managed by Guy1731 and andree, the Mobilism Services team. Please click on a name to PM any questions about the services.

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Aug 10th, 2007, 11:05 pm
Mar 25th, 2008, 12:01 am
There have been questions in the past about the necessity of services on a forum. Requests, response and comments have proven there is indeed a need and grouping request from the forum keeps the forum clean of additional info, CABs and mirror request, leaving place for helpful and more valuable comments in the topics. There have been also questions about the "service dream team" that is running these services. Beside an earlier poetic approach I will try to present to you the Mobilism service dream team: andree and Guy1731, better known under the abbreviations a & G or G & a

Andree joined Mobilism on Tue Aug 08, 2006. He is an employee and has a lot of interests. He is what you can call a real "gadget" freak with knowledge about computers, pdas, phones and playing consoles. He joined Mobilism, like the most of us, after discovering this wonderful site while seeking for software for his PDAs and phone. Andree is also active member in other forums, but somehow Mobilism seemed to have something more that kept him hooked and made him come back frequently. On Aug 03 2007 he decided to give something back to the site and made a donation to become VIP.
But still, that wasn't enough. His natural kindness and willingness to help other users - or maybe he was aware that I was waiting for someone like andree to help me - made him join the service room and on Aug 12 2007 he became my first Service helper on the site. Andree did a wonderful job. I know I'm to young to retire, but the idea crossed my mind... He reactivated the Services responding to additional help, CAB extraction and mirror providing and updated the Programs history topic on his own. Amazed by his skills and motivation, he was promoted Service manager on Nov 14, 2007 - announced HERE - and received soon after that, on Nov 22 the Full moderator status on Mobilism. If it was me, I would have given him immediately a medal, but who am I...

Andree is one of our most valuable members who manages to combine his services duties with moderating the forum and participating actively in projects, contest and other activities.You can ask him almost anything - I do! - and he will help you. If he can't help you, he can for sure show you the way where to find a solution to your query. I call him my personal "Service Swiss knife". Amongst his activities on the site, we noted some hilarious interventions in my "birthday"topic, he participated to the "first PPCwarez"quiz, an active (and talented!) writing contributor to the "Story of John" and the "jokes corner", and he is also my precious backup in managing contests and betting. I probably forget a lot, but any place you visit on this site you will find andree's spirit.

Andree joining the services & contests allowed me to expand my creativity and motivates me to write and release new projects, contests and other activities on the site. Yes, we owe all that to him too. The downside of this partnership is of course that andree can't participate any more to the contest we organize and manage hand in hand, but I hope this is compensated largely by the joy and pleasure to be able to do this together. At least, that is for me.

Hehe, one last thing: when he joined Mobilism andree used to sign his posts with "^nDre"... I never asked him what made him change his signature...

andree, this site owes you a lot,
you are the best partner I ever got..
. - Guy1731

Guy1731 joined Mobilism Aug 26, 2006, and became VIP on Aug 31.
Mar 25th, 2008, 12:01 am