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Riverrun Alphas Series by Kaia Pierce (3-4)
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Overview:Hi, I'm Kaia. I love drinking wine, knitting, hiking, and petting other people's pets, but most of all I love the types of books that keep you curled up in a comfy chair, anxiously waiting for the two heroes to kiss. Luckily, I love writing those types of books as much as I love reading them! My books feature shifters, slow-burning passion, and men who love men.
Genre: Fiction > Romance (FF/MM)


3. Spell of an Omega - Afte
r turning into a wolf on his twenty-seventh birthday, schoolteacher Matt learns that he's not Matt at all, but Max Grayback, the long-lost son of transportation tycoon and pack alpha Garland Grayback. Now, he's on his way up to Riverrun, Washington, to learn more about who he really is -- and he's about to walk in the middle of a rivalry between two packs that's on the verge of becoming an all-out war.
Jesse Forrester will do anything to forget his latest heartbreak. So when he gets a call for help from fellow alpha Kaden Daniels, he's ready to ride his Harley north to Riverrun and provide the backup the Black Paws have asked for. On his way there, he strikes an unexpected friendship with a stranded motorist named Matt, whose real name is Max Grayback, son of the Black Paws' bitter rival and therefore, an enemy.
Matt is bookish and quiet. Jesse is all leather and steel. They're not even supposed to be friends., but it seems that opposites really do attract in Riverrun, WA, the town where the impossible can become possible...
4. Love of an Omega - Aiden Wheeler is an aesthetician at Scheherazade's Spa, the business owned by Riverrun's most powerful witch, Eliza Vreeland. At least, he is until he's kidnapped by a beta from the Black Paws. Rumors has it Eliza has a cure for shifting, and the local wolf pack wants to know more. If only Aiden would cooperate. He hates shifters and always has since college, when he was viciously attacked by one. He's loyal only to Eliza, the witch who stripped him of his most painful memento of that night: his wolf. But things are about to happen that will test his loyalty...
Immortal dragon Erick Ironside is asleep in the fairy realm when he's summoned to Earth by Rowan Esposito. His first task is to guard the Black Paws' unwilling captive, but there's just one problem. His prisoner is none other than Aiden Wheeler, and one sniff is all it takes to confirm that the former shifter is also Erick's fated mate. But he's had a fated mate before. Had, and lost. Now, the last thing he wants is to fall in love all over again, only to watch his lover die while he inevitably lives on. Rather than face the mate that destiny has chosen for him once again, he plans to fulfill his duty to Rowan and return to his eternal slumber.
While Erick avoids the pull of his mate, Aiden avoids confronting who he truly is inside. Neither are ready for love, but both are about to learn that there is an animal inside all of us, and Riverrun is just the place to set it free.

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4. Love of an Omega
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