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Sweet Lovin' Series by Lorelei M. Hart, Summer Chase, Coyote Starr (1-3)
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Overview: Lorelei M. Hart is the cowriting team of USA Today Bestselling Authors Kate Richards and Ever Coming. Friends for years, the duo decided to come together and write one of their favorite guilty pleasures: Mpreg. There is something that just does it for them about smexy men who love each other enough to start a family together in a world where they can do it the old-fashioned way.
Genre: Fiction > Romance MMM


1. A Bun in their Omega's Oven - When Oliver finds out he has a bun in his oven—courtesy of the two hot alpha bakers on his flour-delivery route—he’ll be making a special delivery of his own.
Chris is a lucky guy. Good things often fall into his lap, including the TV baking competition that jumpstarted his career. But he wants more than just money in the bank, a bit of fame, and a growing business. Chris wants a family—although he’d probably settle for a good lay with the one man who wants less than nothing to do with him.
Adam’s life is all about dough—and not the kind that could get him out of his small-town rut. No, Adam’s stuck running the family bagel business and trying to out-bake the arrogant celebrity donut-maker and adopted town prince, Chris. If only he could get Chris out of his hot dreams. But the guy boasts the best donuts in the state and an ass you could bounce quarters off—and Adam’s subconscious just can’t ignore him.
Then there’s Oliver. His life is fan-freaking-tastic—except it totally isn’t. Back home and living in his parents' basement is the last place he expected to be at his age. Worse yet, the only job he can get is running a delivery route nobody wants. And for good reason. The last two bakery stops are made of evil—or so he’s been told. But his boss forgot to mention the bakeries are owned by the hottest men Oliver’s ever seen. Too bad they hate each other.
Or do they? The longer Oliver spends between these two hot bakers, the more he flips their antagonism upside down, their attraction making their alpha instincts kick in, much to their surprise. Now if only they can figure out how to deal with the even bigger surprise that’s about to kick—in Oliver.

2. Their Omega's Eating for Two - When Aiden goes to work for two alphas in their bakery, he learns eating for two is no piece of cake!
Omega grad student Aiden was so close to his degree he could almost taste it—until his roommate moved out. Short on funds and even shorter on time, he takes a job at the local bakery known for their designer cakes.
Alphas Sean and Ed have a great life. Their bakery is nationally known for inspiring designs and locally adored for yummy goodness. They love each other completely. But both sense something is missing...
When Aiden walks into their storefront, everything changes. He is smart, smexy, and not at all what the bakery needs. So of course, they hire him on the spot.
Only later do they admit to themselves, and each other, that they’re both drawn to Aiden in a way they haven’t felt since they met.
Sparks fly, and pretty soon, Aiden is eating for two!

3. Buttering Up Their Omega - Winning a baking competition ruined one alpha’s life, but when he meets a single-dad alpha and an omega handyman, both his bakery and his life will be fixed up.
Dean entered Home Cook to Star Cook to win money to start a family with his omega. But his omega took the money, leaving him with a run-down bakery and an ornery cat. He doesn’t want to burden the hot alpha cop who stops by the bakery with his daughter, and he hires a carpenter to renovate his shop.
He’s not looking for love. Definitely not.
When Marty’s omega and love of his life passed away unexpectedly, he was devoted to raising their daughter on his own. Never mind that the hot owner of the bakery by his daughter’s preschool remembers that she wants unicorn rainbow cookies. Never mind that the new omega he hired to fix up the bakery is hot, too.
Nope, Marty is not looking for love any more than Dean is. He just wants to raise Lydia and get through his high-stress job as a police officer.
Casper is an omega most alphas don’t notice. Sure his construction job makes him muscular and strong, but he’s better with his hands than he is at love. It’s also why he lowballed the bid so he could get the job to renovate Dean’s bakery.
He may not be looking for love, either. But when these three men get together, they realize that there’s nothing butter than true love!

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2. Their Omega's Eating for Two
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3. Buttering Up Their Omega
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