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The Medlov Men series by Latrivia S. Nelson, Latrivia Welch (#1-3, 5-9)
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Overview: Latrivia S. Nelson is the author of Ivy's Twisted Vine (the largest modern interracial romance novel in its genre) and Dmitry's Closet, President of Nelson Pressed, Inc. (small marketing firm that strategically promotes self-published authors) and Public Relations Senior Specialist for the award-winning, highly-acclaimed firm, The Carter Malone Group (the largest female Public Relations firm in Memphis)
Genre: Romance, Suspense

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Vasily's Revenge (#1): Vasily Kavlov has been proud of one title in his life, head enforcer of the Medlov Organized Crime Family. As a Russian Mafia hit man, his entire purpose has been to protect his bosses and their families without prejudice. However, even the bravest hit man has loved at least once. To Vasily’s detriment, it was his former boss, Leo Rasputin’s wife, Lilly. After sticking his neck out once in the name of love to protect her, he was nearly killed and then discarded by the very man who had sworn allegiance. Given a second and better chance with Dmitry Medlov and his men, Vasily focused on climbing the ranks and becoming lauded by his brethren. Now the head of security for the Czar of the Underworld, a feared and revered faction of the Vory v Zakone, he put all ideas of love aside and follows the code of the Thieves-in-Law. That is until Leo breaks out of Attica and tries to hunt down Lilly in an attempt to take her life. Secret pacts between men and women come unbound as the race against time for $20 million in diamonds, unveils the truth for Vasily. He might not only carry the title of enforcer but also the title of father of Lilly’s eight year old son. Hiding them under the guard of the Medlov family, he must find the diamonds, find the men responsible for the set up and finally find out the truth.

Gabriel's Regret: Book One (#2): Gabriel Medlov has lived two very different lives in his 30 years on this earth, mostly because of his very different parents & paths. Gabriel’s mother, Emma Hutton, was born into British royalty with billions of dollars, but after her mother married the rugged Russian mobster, Dmitry Medlov, and gave him her inheritance, she denounced her family and became a freedom fighter, spending most of her life in the trenches of third-world countries fighting for the oppressed until her untimely death. Gabriel’s father, Ivan Medlov, was a lot less selfless - a reputed Russian crime boss, the brother of Dmitry Medlov, and a rabid sociopath, he spent his life running guns, women and drugs until his nephew, Anatoly Medlov, murdered him. With parents on two far extremes of the spectrum of good and evil, Gabriel was born right in the middle and spent most of his life as a second-string beta. Until now. After a series of bad events, the brooding, six-foot-nine, black-haired, blue-eyed, safe bet is on the verge of self-actualization or self-destruction, only he doesn’t know it.

Gabriel's Regret: Book Two (#3): Russian Billionaire bad-boy Gabriel Medlov is in serious mortal danger. Captured by a Neo-Nazis separatist group while trying to save his black girlfriend and business partner, Valeriya Nenya, during an ambush, he is relegated to being the prisoner of a man who not only hates Gabriel’s family, but also hates everything that the handsome six-foot eight crime boss stands for. However even though he is a captor, Gabriel refuses to be broken, either mentally or physically, by anyone so beneath him. Reaching down inside of himself, he discovers that his past experiences with his family were not crutches but actually lessons designed to prepare him for this very moment in his life. Will what he has learned keep him alive? The Medlov Crime Family is not taking the kidnapping of one of their council members lightly. While they are no strangers to abduction, they realize it will take drastic measures to get him back in one peace. The head of the organization, Dmitry Medlov, pulls his men together and wreaks havoc on an army completely unready for his unrelenting retribution. The message is clear. He wants his nephew back. But even with his vast resources, can he get him back alive?

Anatoly's Retribution: Book One (#5): Anatoly Medlov has seen a few things in his young life. From rags to riches, the beautiful blonde Vor was elevated from the poverty-ridden streets of the Kapotnya District in Moscow to the lavish, billionaire lifestyle of his international Russian Mafiya father, Dmitry Medlov. However, ascension did not come without sacrifice for the young prince of the underworld. Every woman Anatoly has ever loved or had affection for in his adult life has been scarred by him in some way.

While on a mission to find his half-brother in Miami, Anatoly is faced with a chance to face his demons and save his marriage, but what he doesn’t know is closing the perpetual circle of hurt in his life will lead him on a larger journey to save his baby sister from a sinister man and its sex trafficking ring. Anastaysia is right under Anatoly’s nose, being trafficked in the same city that he’s in to carry out his father’s orders. Torn from her family and tricked into slavery, she discovers that there are worse monsters in this world than her brother, Anatoly. With no way to find Anatoly and no way to run, she must depend on her prayers to be heard and a miracle to happen.

Anatoly's Retribution: Book Two (#6): There is nothing more important than family. Billionaire crime boss, Anatoly Medlov, discovers this when a pimp in Miami Beach comes into the possession of his half-sister, Anastaysia. The clock is ticking. He knows he has to find her before she’s sold off or even worse, killed.

The Medlov Russian Crime family comes to the underworld prince’s aid, bringing a Bloody Sunday to the vacation destination in true mafia style. But the lessons that are learned and retribution exacted teach Anatoly and the people he loves about more than just vengeance, it teaches them about purpose.

Dmitry's Redemption: Book One (#7): After killing a fellow Vor on the international council, who sought to hurt his family, billionaire Russian crime boss Dmitry Medlov becomes the target of his old mentor’s final death wish. A special hit team is tapped to carry out the assassination, but a simple mistake only leaves him wounded.

“You should have killed me when you had the chance. Now, I’m coming for you and there is not a damn thing anyone can do to save you.”

With a second chance to protect his family, the Medlov family crisis plan is activated, causing them to upend their lives completely. The women of the Medlov family are carted off to an undisclosed location, while the men head to declare war on one of their own. While trying to protect his family and appeal to his brotherhood, Dmitry is forced to deal with past demons, his own insecurities and his greatest fear – to lose control. However, his vulnerability might lead to making him an even stronger adversary, especially when his family and friends step up to protect the man who has always protected them.

Dmitry's Redemption: Book Two (#8): Russian Mafia Czar Dmitry Medlov has a serious problem. After declaring war on fellow International Council member, Erik Popov, for the failed assassination attempt on his life, Dmitry is forced to move his entire family to Siberia to keep them safe. However, there is no guarantee that his loved ones won’t kill each other. Forced to leave everything behind, emotions run hot when unsettled issues and long-time secrets are exposed.

Outside of the compound, things are even worse. Dmitry has to locate and terminate Popov allies in order to gain control of the war and ultimately find and kill Erik, but every death leads him further down a path of destruction. Will he sacrifice everything to get what he wants, or will he sacrifice himself to keep everyone he loves safe?

Read the final book in the Medlov Men Series, Dmitry’s Redemption: Book Two by USA Today bestselling author and creator of the Bratva/Russian Mafia Romance Genre, Latrivia Welch.

Dmitry's Redemption: The Complete Book (#9): For every alpha, there is an omega – even for the famed Dmitry Medlov.
The story of Dmitry Medlov and his crime family began with an 18-year-old convict who narrowly escaped a twenty-year bid in Vladimir Central prison eventually become one of the most powerful Czars of the Russian underworld. However, with such victory and success comes many sacrifices, born of choices that have haunted the beautiful, blonde giant and all whom he loves.

In the last installment of the Medlov Men Series, Dmitry must contend with a fellow council member, Erik Popov, and his ambition to overtake their organization. Popov not only wants complete control, but to end the Medlov Crime Family and its entire blood line, and he’ll do anything to complete his task, starting with an assassination attempt on sworn Bratva brethren. Forced to flee the confines of his normal life, Dmitry and his family take refuge in the mountains of Siberia, while he wages an international war that will set the course for his family and their future.

Read the ultimate story of adventure, love, sacrifice and loyalty about the Romance genre’s original Russian mafia/Bratva family in Dmitry’s Redemption: The Complete Book.

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**Please note Gabriel's Regret: Book One and Book Two makes the combined title for; Gabriel's Regret: The Complete Story (#4)
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