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May 14th, 2021, 8:02 am
Hello, I wanted to make a short list on some apps that may be useful and is one of the things you're looking for, the link to the app is on the name of the app by hyperlink. I will update this thread as time passes by adding new apps to the list, so you can check the Updated section of the title to know when it's updated, feel free to comment if anything is wrong.

When you see [Tested] it means I've:
1. Tested the app on a device.
2. Scanned it on VirusTotal and it's super safe.
3. In most apps, I have even written testing processes with me and how it went with virustotal and its installation, background usage, failed/installed, and so on.

Now, let's get to the point:

1. ExpressVPN [Tested]:
You may have seen this on the Top list of Apps, but this mod is pretty useful, and it's done by LunaDevX which is a great modder as well. Even if it's not the latest version, modders choose the best version that the app works in a good condition by functioning as well.

- Virus Total: 1 security flag:

- Relations: 8 contacted ips, 10+ bundles files.
    One IP as malware:
    One bundles file as malware: classes.dex which is what Ikarus detected.

- Classified: high chance to be false positive.

- Running:
    Installation success.
    Worked with free trial, not sure how the rest process works but will update after 7 days.
    Data usage: 645KB | Wonderful.

2. TrueCaller [Tested]:
This is such an unfortunate, but it's modded and the dev worked hard on it. This is all visual tricks, the Mod is a mod, but not functioning with the server-side. However, you can flex with it hehe, other than that the app works and I've tested it. Made by Balatan, my personal favorite modder, turns an app to a secure and modded version by removing trackers, advertisements and so on. Similar to FOSS apps, however, not open-source.

3. Crunchyroll [Tested]:
This mod is useful if you want to watch anime and other related without any advertisements, unlocked features, and it even has an anti-ban.

- Virus Total: 2 security flags:
    Tancent: A.gray.mfpad
    Info: None found.

    Trustlook: Android.PUA.DebugKey
    Info: false-positive, shows when using Google test keys pre-configured.

- Relations: 10 bundles files, 10 contacted ips and 3 contacted domains.
    One IP regarded as malware:

- Classified: suspicious, use with caution.

- Running:
    Installation success.
    Successfully playing videos without any ads.
    Data usage: 26.51mb | Casual, if more it would’ve been suspicious.

4. WPS Office [Tested]:
Even though Microsoft Office isn't on the site, WPS Office is a great alternative. Luckily, this is made by Balatan, so every single tracker, advertisement, and so on are all removed. t's like he made a version of the app by himself whereby everything is clean and secure, with premium features. This dev is just the best!

- Virus Total: No flags.
- Relations: 9 contacted domains, 10+ bundled files, and 7 contacted ips. None of them are malicious.
- Classified: secure.
- Running:
    Works as intended, I recommend not logging in.
    No data usage on my tablet, it used 501kb in total on my phone, possibly connected to WPS's services, not suspicious.

5. FilmPlus [Tested]:
If you want to watch series and movies this is the app you need, however I've tested it and it struggles to load some videos. It's again from Balatan with many things removed, therefore it would be useful to have it. If you didn't like this app, there is also another one from another dev named Airtel Xstream by Nocna Furia.

6. Power Shade [Tested]:
Power Shade is the best application to customize your notification panel, it has been featured by many sites, even XDA. However, the main dev sold the app to a team called ZipoApps, and no one can trust a random group of dev like that. This is the best thing you could do, using a modded version, because this dev removes every tracker and advertisement from the app, so not even ZipoApps can track you if they injected that in the app. This mod is by Kirlif', another good dev similar to Balatan.

I tested this app, it works amazing! The app doesn't even use wifi, only at first 42.24KB which would most likely be for fonts, other than that nothing. I recommend this app if you want to customize your Android device.

- Virus Total: No security flags.
- Relations: 3 contacted IPs, and 10+ bundles. None are malicious.
- Classified: secure.
- Running: works as it's intended to.
- Extra: uses only 42.24kb or close first, and then no wifi usage. Due to decreased trackers and removed advertisements.

7. Ultra Volume [Tested]:
This is another customization tool for volume sliders, it's from LunaDevX, and trackers are removed as well. Tested it and it works like charm.

- Virus Total: 1 security flag.
    DrWeb: Android.HiddenAds.607.origin
- Relations: 10+ bundles files, 1 contacted domains, and 4 contacted ips.
- Classified: suspicious, read Extra that's under Running.
- Running: works as it's intended to.
- Extra: says "No active trackers Impressions" on the thread of Ultra Volume written by LunaDevX, however it contacts app-measurement.com which is by Google to report the analytics events from us. Additionally, an antivirus detected HiddenAds, I hope it's false positive. Use with caution. However, it is safe to use, but just disable wifi access to the app just to be sure and fully guaranteed to be safe.

8. Nova Launcher [Tested]:
While we have two customization apps here above, we can't ignore the best launcher! Nova Launcher is the launcher that you want which brings you latest features, if capable. In this mod trackers are removed, unnecessary permissions, and so on. Made by Balatan!

- Virus Total: No security flags.
- Relations: Only bundled files, no IP addresses.
- Classified: secure.
- Running: failed because it couldn’t install it on my device.

9. Adobe Photoshop Express [Tested]:
The best image editor out there modded by Balatan to be even better than the default version, highly recommended if you want to edit images on your phone directly without the need of a computer.

- Virus Total: no flags.
- Relations: 1 contacted urls (https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/37bf ... d64b17d83e), 10+ bundles files, 6 contacted domains, and 10+ contacted ips. None are malicious.
- Classified: secure.
- Running (armeabi-v7a):
    crashed on my tablet.
    used 119KB on my phone.
    works as intended to.

Thank you for reading this, and I will of course update this list whenever there are new apps and whenever I test them to see if it works or not.

Enjoy! :D
May 14th, 2021, 8:02 am
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May 14th, 2021, 1:44 pm
Nice write-up and thank you for putting this together. I already have 5 of the 9 apps you reviewed, but I see a couple more I`ll have to check out now!
May 14th, 2021, 1:44 pm
May 14th, 2021, 5:18 pm
PlaidNinja wrote:Nice write-up and thank you for putting this together. I already have 5 of the 9 apps you reviewed, but I see a couple more I`ll have to check out now!

Glad that it helped!
May 14th, 2021, 5:18 pm
Jun 27th, 2021, 8:31 pm
Thanks..great apps..
Jun 27th, 2021, 8:31 pm