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Aug 8th, 2018, 12:45 pm
Sin's Bastards MC: Next Generation series by K.J. Dahlen (#0.5, 2, 4)
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Overview: K.J. Dahlen. I live in a small town (population495) in Wisconsin. From my deck, I can see the Mississippi River on one side and the bluffs, where eagles live and nest on the other side. I love to create characters and put them in a troubling situation then sit back and let them do all the work. My characters surprise even me at times. At some point in the book, they take on a life of their own and the twists and turns they create becomes the story.
Genre: Romance

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Family Does Matter (#0.5): Two different families. One shared goal.
Together we’re unbeatable. Unstoppable.
Say what you want about the Mafia.
Say what you want about out MC’s.
Around this table sit five men of honor.
Bound by love for those closest to us,
a family formed stronger than any you know.
As a battle gets closer, back to back we’ll face the threat.
When the fire takes over, we’ll fight together. Bleed together.
Until dark fate that chases us is screaming out with regret.

Chance (#2): Chance: Falling in love is something I never did before but now that I have I understand
She’s my whole world. Like the air I breathe.
I’m determined to have a life with this woman
She doesn’t look for trouble.
Trouble looks for her.
When my woman takes a stand for an innocent,
I’ll stand beside her. I’ll protect them both
I’ll fight it all - everything she has to face,
Even if it means dying myself in her place.

Quinn: I came to learn about my father. I found the only man I could ever love.
Then a little girl comes into our lives.
I came here to learn about my father, instead I found the only man I could ever love
Then a little girl comes into our lives. I can’t keep her, but she needs me and I can’t let her go
With Chance’s help I will fight for her
Then from the shadows comes a greater evil than I expected
Can we fight for this one little girl or will fate step in and rip her from our arms?

Bowie (#4): Bowie: Family means the world to me.
And together, we stand united as one.
Then I met her.
A woman with hardly any family and looking so lost.
She didn’t need saving, all she needed was me.
But she has secrets that could destroy us both, destroy everything.
Will she let her fear win the game or is there hope in her hear for something better?

Shayna: I’ve always been alone.
The only family I have is a loving brother
and an uncle who hates us both.
Then I meet him.
When I watch him and his brothers,
I envy everything he has,
something I can only dream of having.
His touch fills my soul and
I can’t help but crave more, need more.
My own family hates him,
hates that he’s made me want something different,
something not them.
They would tear me away from him, but I don’t want to go…
and suddenly I’m torn in two directions.
I know what I want, but there’s a fear inside me that I can’t let go.
Is it so wrong to hope for something better?

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