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Short Story Collection by Megan Derr
Requirements: ePUB reader, 26 MB
Overview: Megan is a long time resident of m/m fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it. She is often accused of fluff and nonsense. When she's not involved in writing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies (especially all things James Bond). She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all around the internet.
Genre: Romance > MM | Fantasy > Magic | Historical

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In these Times
In these Times… collects various short and supershort stories of the boy next door, heroes, scheming cats, bookworms, candy men and more. Megan Derr writes occasionally under pen name Erica Kealey contemporary romance. Some of these stories are included here.
The Superhero stories are actually early versions of the series Anti-Hero which is now in the writing, and as Megan Derr posted in her blog: “Superheroes are something I always wanted to do, and I mucked with them a little bit in silly shorts. But a larger idea always nagged at me, and finally one day it all started to come together.”
Something Sweet has been rewritten and published in 2011. Since it was majorly rewritten, the rather cute 1th edition has been added at the end of the omnibus.
Looking for More
Rentboy - new: May 2015
Something Sweet 2nd Edition
The Christmas Package
Delivery With a Smile
Added June 2015
Looking for More Bonus Shorts
Masters of Deception
Getting Cinderella
Added April 2016
Superheroes 1: Be My Hero
Superheroes 2: Drunk Butterflies
Superheroes: Bonus Shorts
Something Sweet 1th Edition
Missing: One Arrow
A Dozen Roses
A Most Dangerous Game
Moon Dogs
Opposite Day
Must Be Able To Use Computers
Because It's You

The Cinderella Tales
A collection of runaways, some heartbreak, schemes, happy endings and a fair share of pretty men.
A Suitable Replacement
From Afar
The Wager
Ink & Paper
The Matchmaker
The Stable Boy
Added June 2015
From Afar Bonus Shorts
The Matchmaker Bonus Shorts
The Prince's Questions

The Magical Fantasy Bundle
A collection of magic, vampires, exotic beasts, runaways, quests and all manner of pretty men.
Wick & Frostwick
Locke & Key
Finder Tolan
The Dragon's Tamer
Dire Straits
By Mistake
Blood in the Water
Backwoods Asylum
Two Parts Mistletoe
Herbal Remedy (Paranormal Days #1)
Beach Remedy (Paranormal Days #2) by Sasha L. Miller
An Admirer
Kiss the Rain 2nd Edition
An Exception
Added May 2015
Rabbit Season
How to Court A Librarian
Ivan the Heartless
Making Dragon Stew
Added June 2015
An Admirer Bonus Stories
The Rosebush
Added January 2016
Love Tokens

Warrior's Quarrel
A collection of swordfighters, quarrels, schemes, kidnapping and handsome men. The included The High King’s Golden Tongue is the early short story version.
The High King's Golden Tongue
Main Gauche
1000 Victories
The Perfect Son
Always There
Vow Unto Me
Behind the Mask
Always Masked
Added June 2015:
1000 Victories Bonus Shorts
The Perfect Son Bonus Shorts
Always There Bonus Shorts
Vow Unto Me Bonus Shorts
The Knight Trilogy

Fairytales: Short & Sweet - Free Read
Author's Note: Fairytales: Short & Sweet stories are all posted free on my website and livejournal. They've simply been turned into an ebook for the convenience of those who asked. Thank you for reading!
True Chivalry
If the shoe Fits
Deeds Great and Small
Challenge of Quests
The Shining Knight
The Prince's Champion
The King's Challenges
The Knight of the Rose
Three Questions
The Witch in the Woods
Added June 2015:
Dragon Eyes
Dragon Rider
Binding a Demon
Three Goats
The Crown Prince
More Convenient Than Eloping
Never Let Go
The Good Son
The Witch Hunter
The Tailor
The Water Mage
Secret Admirer
Reenge is Best Served Over Tea
Favored by the Moon
On Managing Demons
Courtesan's Prince
Harassing the Troubadour
Gorgon Boy
Added April 2016

The Dragon Pits
Special Collection of early Tales
Megan Derr rewrote a few of her early short stories to form Sword of the King, part of a series known as Dance with the Devil. This collection presents six of them first published as online-fiction (as some research implied) and they are not available anymore. Contains:
Sword of the King
Made to be Broken
St. George & the Dragon
Safe From All Harm

Magic & Mischief Extended
This collection originates, like Dragon Pits, from early online-fiction written by Megan Derr and is not the same as the Magic & Mischief edition currently available at the bookstores. It includes an early version of Kiss the Rain.
The Dragon's Treasure
The Selkie No One Wanted
The Spawn
Dragon Heart
Mad Finnegan
Dragon Stew
The Innkeeper's Story
Quest & Bonus Shorts
Kiss the Rain (early version)
The Succubus

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